Country Star Joey Feek Chooses to Enter Hospice After Saying This Heartbreaking Goodbye to Her Girls

In a heartbreaking post on his blog “This Life I Live”, country singer Rory Feek describes how his wife of 13 years, Joey Feek, 40, has recently said goodbye to their young adult daughters, Heidi and Hopie. The husband and wife make up the country music duo Joey & Rory. Joey has terminal stage IV cervical cancer, and stopped treatment last month.


In an update on his blog today, Rory said Joey will enter hospice tomorrow. “Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going,” Feek wrote Monday. “So am I.”


Rory says of his wife and daughters, “When we got married in 2002, Joey not only took on my name, she also took on my two teenage daughters, Heidi and Hopie as her own. At the altar, in front of God, the preacher and the whole congregation, Joey and I exchanged rings.  After I put a ring on her finger, she slipped one on mine.  Then she called the girls up and gently slid a ring on their fingers too… a  symbol of her commitment to them, like her commitment to me.”


The couple also has a 1-year-old daughter, baby Indiana.

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He goes on to say about Joey and their teens, Heidi and Hopie, : “I don’t think I’ve ever heard the girls tell anyone that Joey is their step-mom.  But I have heard them tell people numerous times that she is their mother.

They don’t actually call Joey ‘mom’.  They never have.  I don’t know why.   Maybe they’ve always been too afraid to completely trust… to completely give all of their hearts over – afraid that they’ll get left again by a woman that they love.

But if you look in their contacts on each of the girls’ phones, ‘Mom’ is how Joey’s number is listed.”

Feek says last week the girls drove up from Nashville, where the Feeks live, to Indiana, where Joey is spending her last days with her family. And during that visit, Joey took the time to say the things no young mom should ever have to.

“She told them how much she loved them, and how proud she is of them.  And how proud she is to be their mother.   And then she talked with them about the one thing that she didn’t think she would ever have to talk with them about:

Leaving them.

And then she told them of the day when they’ll be together again in Heaven.”

As a mom, my heart is broken wide open for Joey. I rejoice that she will soon be healthy and pain-free in the arms of Jesus, but I weep because she has to leave her children while they still need her. I can’t imagine if I were facing that myself.

Joey and Rory, Heidi, Hopie, and Indiana, you are ALL in our prayers. I know God’s ways are not our ways, and even though I don’t understand, I DO believe  HE has your girls in the palm of His hand,

Before you go, take a moment to watch this breathtaking video made just three months ago, of Joey singing of her Savior. And say a prayer for the Feeks today.

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