Mom of a Boy Gone Too Soon Surprises School On What Would Have Been His First Day

Florida mom Courtney Scott dreaded the start of school this year more than usual. The mom of five had a good reason: Yesterday would have been her son Carsyn’s first day of kindergarten, but her beautiful boy did not live to see it. She lost him in an accidental drowning in 2012 when he was just 15 months old, and has been working hard to keep his memory alive ever since.

Carsyn flier
Photo: Courtney Scott

Every April 24th, the family passes out “Pay it Forward” flyers, encouraging acts of kindness in Carsyn’s memory, and they release balloons on his birthday each year. But this year, to honor what would have been her baby boy’s first day of kindergarten, Scott had a really big idea. She created a Facebook event called “Carsyn’s School Supply Drive”—and donations began pouring in to the tune of $1,500!

courtney scott
Photo: Craig Bailey/FLORIDA TODAY

Carysn’s dad, Brian, said he was floored by the response. He told Florida Today, “I was expecting $200 from all this. It’s an amazing thing this has turned into…I’m all about doing anything that is going to help her, help me, help us, with grieving him, remembering him.”

Courtney says the efforts were good for her mom soul. “I needed something to do so I was not digging a hole for myself on this day. I wanted to do something to make me happy and to know I was carrying Carsyn’s memory…I didn’t expect it to become as big as it did.”

carsyn scott
Photo: Courtney Scott

The donations bought a HUGE amount of school supplies that the Scotts were able to gift not only to Carsyn’s school, but to eight schools total,  many with a population of underprivileged kids for whom school supplies are not a given.

The Scotts say that while they will always grieve for Carsyn, they know they have to be there for their four surviving children as well. Giving back in Carsyn’s name helps them do just that.

There’s a way to do both,” Brian Scott says. “There’s a way to be sad and grieve and take care of them the way they need to be taken care of. It is amazing in such a short life he had, he impacted so many.”

We are praying that through this story, Carsyn’s life will continue to impact many more people! Maybe today someone who reads this will also purchase school supplies for a family in need, pay for the car behind them at the drive-thru, or simply take the extra time to pour into a child’s life. Thank you, Scott family,  for giving your grief a purpose.


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