Daughter of Dallas Officer Has Heart-Wrenching Message For Her Wounded Mom

The names of the dead and wounded police officers from last night’s horrific sniper shooting are starting to be released. The shooting, aimed at police officers in Dallas who were on duty at a peaceful protest over the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, claimed the lives of 5 officers. Seven more were injured and one civilian was also shot and injured. As we learn details about these officers’ lives and families, my heart breaks over and over again at this senseless tragedy!

DART Police Officer Misty McBride. Source: Twitter

One of the officers who was shot twice and wounded, but in good condition is Dallas Transit police officer Misty McBride. Misty isn’t just a police officer, she’s also a mom, and this morning CBS News was able to interview her 10-year-old daughter Hunter after she visited her mom in the hospital.

Sweet, innocent Hunter’s words just sliced right through my mom heart. When the reporter asked her what she had said to her mom, she said, “I love you, and I am glad you are alive.” She then added to the reporter, “I am just happy that she was OK, that she can live on until tomorrow.”

Misty McBride daughter

Tears sprung to my eyes watching this child so calmly talk to a reporter. I am so  happy for Hunter that she still has her mama, but so sad for those kids who are grieving lost mothers and fathers today! To the Sterlings, the Castiles, and ALL of the fallen officer’s families: The Thomspons, the Zamarippas, and all the other families of those whose names we don’t know yet: I MOURN with you, I STAND with you: for peace and end to ALL unrighteous violence.


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