Dear Anxiety, I’m Breaking Up With You


Dear Anxiety,

You’ve told me time and time again that you’d be around forever. You are committed to me and you were always there for me: in the shadows of my house and the what-if’s that bombarded my every day.  And I have entertained the notion that I am in fact stuck with you for the rest of my life.

You really had me there for awhile you know. I’ve known you since I was a child.  So I believed you when you told me we were in this till the end. I’ve tried to make it work. I’ve set boundaries but you keep crossing them. I argue with you day in and day out. But no amount of logic can salvage my sanity with you. No amount of arguing will make you leave me alone.  Well, I’ve got news for you. I am breaking up with you.

You see, I’ve met someone. His name is Jesus. Yes, I know you know Him and I know you hate Him. But I’ve been seeing him for quite some time. He is there for me in ways you can never be. He has told me to stop listening to you. He has told me to stop talking to you. He has promised me that I don’t need you.

You can try to call. You can try to write. You can try to show up on the evening news. You can try to show up in my newsfeed. You can try to tap on my windows at night. But I wont answer. You aren’t allowed to talk to me because, well Jesus said so. If you have a problem with that then I suggest you talk to Him.

He’s pretty big you know, and He can take you outside for a “talk”. See, Jesus loves me and He isn’t afraid to throw some punches for me. He knows that I am worth it. Because you know what?

He actually died for me once.

Have you? I didn’t think so.


Your ex-Laura

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Laura Dye
Laura Dye is a wife to an amazing man and a mama to five rambunctious munchkins. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and currently stays home to chase around her kids and snuggle her babies. She loves Jesus and loves to write about how He rescues her from insanity whenever she can at the Jelly Side Down Blog. For more from Laura, follow her Facebook page, Jelly Side Down Mom.