Dear Birth Mother: This is What I’ll Say When I Find You

birth mother

There’s no time like National Adoption Month to share this breathtakingly beautiful spoken word piece from poet Mayra Duron. In it, Duron takes us on the rollercoaster of emotions an adopted child can face, and brings us to the end of the ride with a note of sweet, sweet redemption.

This piece made my heart beat faster and a lump rise up in my throat; adoption is such a HARD and beautiful thing. Here’s what Duron has to say about her piece:

“The Purpose of this poem is to express my gratitude toward my birth mother. I know adoption is frowned upon but I wanted to help highlight this new perspective. I’m very grateful I have experienced the good and the bad.
Meanwhile my hopes to find my birthmother are strong. Her name is Sarah Elena or Alma Valencia she would be about 49 years old. She would also have a daughter who is about 31 years old. She gave Birth to me in Sonora, Cananea.
We had found a receipt with Dr. Olivares name but when we went to Mexico to try to find my birth records we were told that hospital was burned down. Total Bummer I know!
Still hope prevails. To those who pass this along I pray God flatters you today. Thank you!”

We pray you find her, Mayra. Thank you for sharing your heart and your art in such a powerful way.

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Jenny Rapson
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