Dear Elisabeth Hasselbeck, More Power to Ya—But My Kids Do NOT Get “The Rest of Me”


Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced today that she is leaving her job as co-host of Fox & Friends after 2 years. She previously spent almost a decade as co-host of ABC’s the View.

Her reason for leaving?

She wants to spend more time with her family, including her three young children.

“They need the best of me. Not the rest of me,” she said.


Elisabeth, more power to ya. I think being a stay-at-home mom is AWESOME! You’ve been a working mom for a LONG time and like you said, families need different things during different seasons of life. I can tell from watching your video announcement that this was a really hard decision for you.

But I kind wish you hadn’t said, “They need the best of me. Not the rest of me.”

It just doesn’t sit right.

Before taking my current position as editor of For Every Mom, I was a stay-at-home mom for seven years, and before that, I worked part time outside of the home for three years until I had baby #2. Now, I work FROM home, and let me tell you, the struggle is REAL. But the struggle was ALSO real when I wasn’t working.  I can’t say that in any of my positions that my kids have gotten “the rest of me”. I’ve always worked hard to make sure they get the best—and sometimes the best is me being able to pay for their Christian school and other basic needs thanks in part to the fact that I work (my husband also works full time). It also means me being happy and confident in a professional position that I love and that makes a difference in the lives of others.

However, for a long while, the “best of me” meant me not working at all, beng home full-time so I could take our daughter, who had significant developmental delays, to her multiple weekly therapy appointments. While my lack of regular employment during this time DID make it a struggle to pay for therapies, God provided, and the BEST of me at that time was a mom who could take her to her therapies AND work hard with her at home on getting past her delays, ev-er-y day.

Four years later, the “best of me” for my three kids looks very different. And for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who has always worked full time throughout her kids’ childhoods, the best of her RIGHT NOW means being at home, for whatever reason. But I don’t think it necessarily means that her kids haven’t been getting her best while she worked…or that any kids of working moms aren’t getting “the best” of their mom, either.

So, while I am happy for Elisabeth in the path she’s chosen, I also kinda wish she’d chosen a different way to phrase it.

Or maybe, I just shouldn’t be so sensitive.

Mom guilt, anyone?  🙂 What do you think? Check out Hasselbeck’s video below! Clearly it wasn’t an easy decision for her, and I’m glad she was able to make the best one for her family.

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Jenny Rapson
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