Being Deep in Debt Can Kill a Marriage. Here’s How It Can Actually Make It Stronger. #hope

Marriage Stronger

Getting into debt …

that can tear a marriage apart.

Make you fight.

Make you resent.

Make you stop communicating.

Make you annoyed at every penny spent by your spouse.

Cause tension.

Overwhelm you both, causing you to be angry at each other for no reason at all.

Believe me, the King of Free sees it all of the time in his office. Money makes couples crazy. Makes them see divorce as the only option. Keeps the big picture and vows far from sight.

And while we were never quite to the point of ripping things in two, we were certainly at the annoyed, tense and stressed point of our marriage while we were piling up debt upon debt upon debt.

Getting out of debt together?

It becomes a battle against a common foe,

That you fight together,

That it takes two to conquer,

That pits the two of you against the world.

And it kind of makes me feel like we’re spies … going into hostile territory … back to back … with our weapons—whilst they be the budget, coupons, extra jobs, intentionality, focus and intensity instead of swords or guns—drawn.

Safety and serenity is gathered in the arms of each other at the end of a day of heavy battle.

It has given us strength, individually and together.

And freedom … that will be even sweeter in our marriage.

9 more months …


See how Cherie and her family paid off over $127K in debt in under four years in her new book, Slaying the Debt Dragon .

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Cherie Lowe
Since 2008, Cherie Lowe has been confidently wearing a plastic crown and encouraging others to dream big dreams. Together with her husband, Brian, Cherie paid off $127,482.30 in a little under four years. She scribed the ups and downs of their "debt slaying journey" on her popular website, More than anything, she longs for others to know that there is hope for getting their finances under control. Her new book, Slaying the Debt Dragon , was published January 2, 2015 and is available wherever books are sold.