3 Christmas Gift Wrap Hacks

One of the most time-consuming aspects of the holiday season is wrapping ALL THE THINGS. I know some of you like your packages to stand out and are always looking for creative DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas. And then there’s the rest of us  – always scrambling for the right supplies at the last minute! No matter what category you fall into, you’ll love these ideas! We’ve hit up the interwebz for some great DIY Christmas gift wrap hacks that will either make your packages shine or save the day when you’re short on standard supplies.

No Bows? Make One Out of Wrapping Paper!

DIY christmas gift wrap ideas

Amanda at Oh Amanda has an adorable little trick to turn your boring bow-less gift into a pretty present! Her tutorial for making bows out of gift wrap is super easy and only takes seconds!

No Gift Tags? NO PROBLEM!

DIY Christmas gift tags

This might be my favorite gift wrap hack of all! Out of gift tags? Just grab those Christmas cards all your friends and family sent you (or better yet, a stack of last year’s – but desperate times call for desperate measures, RIGHT??) and cut out some of the decorative portion (avoiding any words written on the inside of the card). Then punch a hole in it and thread some ribbon through and you’re all set. Thanks for the tip, Milo Made!

Out of Fancy Paper? Put a Snowflake On It!

snowflake christmas gift wrap ideas

This DIY-dea from A Splash of Something is pure genius. If you think your wrapping paper is too plain, or you’re all out and have resorted to brown grocery bags as wrapping, dress it up with a paper snowflake! Get in touch with your inner child and make a pretty paper snowflake out of white paper just like you did as a kid. Then use it as your wrapping topper and boom! You’ve got elegance.

So what do you think? I love these ideas! You might wanna pin them later for when you’re in a late-night wrapping panic. Not that that’s ever happened to me before or anything…

Happy wrapping! What’s your favorite Christmas gift wrap tip?

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