This 3-Year-Old Shows Halloween Who’s Boss With a New Costume Every Day In October

Move over, “greatest Halloween costume ever” ideas—we think this mom’s got you beat, times 31! Gina Lee, a photographer from Redlands, California, loves putting DIY Halloween costume after costume on her 3-year-old daughter, Willow. She’s had so much fun creating costumes for Willow all year round, that she’s decided to make the most of Halloween by designating October #DressUpWillowMonth—and the hashtag is going viral, mostly because of Lee’s adorable photos of sassy Willow and her jaw-dropping costumes!


Photo: Gina Lee Photography

Lee told ABC News that she loves to collaborate with friends and get others involved with Willow’s costumes, too. Willow’s pal Cooper is featured in the “Wayne’s World” costume as Garth to Willow’s Wayne. She also likes to be frugal about this DIY Halloween Costume adventure. “We do a lot of DIY,” she said. “The glue gun is our friend. And felt is awesome and cheap. Some pieces we do buy, but try not to spend a lot. We love the dollar store and spray paint.”


Photo: Gina Lee Photography

I’d say Willow’s well on her way to MANY more fun Halloweens—and wait for it…coming this Christmas season, Lee says she plans to do “Willow on the Shelf”. We LOVE these costumes! Check out a few more of our favorites below!


Photo: Gina Lee Photography


Photo: Gina Lee Photography


Photo: Gina Lee Photography

I can HARDLY stand the cuteness! Can’t wait to see what’s next from this dynamic duo! To keep up with #DressUpWillowMonth, follow @ginalee on Instagram!

What are YOUR kids going to be for Halloween this year?


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