A DIY Valentine Box Tutorial For the Mom Who Ain’t Got Time For That

I should have written this post yesterday…but I wasn’t inspired then either. The girls were working on their Valentines and arguing, my husband had retreated to bed with sinus pain and pressure, and I was uninspired.

Did you know that the real Saint Valentine was a martyr?

He was beaten, stoned, and then decapitated for good measure. Romantic, right?
Killed for his beliefs, he is a patron saint of engaged couples, bee keepers, happy marriages, love, lovers, and young people. The day of his death, and his feast day, is February 14th.
Just wanted to throw a few Valentine’s day facts your way–perhaps it will help with your inspiration and creation of an historically accurate Valentine’s Day Mailbox. No? (I’ve disturbed myself with images of a papier mache saint with removable head. My apologies.)

It’s also the day when every adequate mother martyrs herself in the name of Elaborate Valentine Mailbox Making.

The thought of making three (I said THREE) “Valentine’s Day Mailboxes” in two days is making my stomach churn. I know some people love this stuff. I wish those people would show up at my door with three lovingly created boxes for my girls–and might as well throw in a fourth so the littlest one doesn’t feel left out.

I’m about to run out for a couple of pink gift bags, glue a few hearts to them, and call it a day. In the meantime, I plan to avoid Pinterest and Facebook in an effort to preserve my self-image as “Adequate Mother.”

Kudos to you, maker of “Valentine Eating Robot” and “Life Sized Minion with slit in head ” and “Milk Jug Love Bug”…I… just don’t have it in me.

I am not alone right?

I am great at a few things, good at many others, and passable at still more. Some things I suck at, simply because I’ve procrastinated them and/or just have no desire to excel. Valentine Day Mailbox Creation falls into the latter category.

All this work and mess for a box that gets discarded as soon as they step through the door at home? I just don’t get it.

No, you know, in a way I do get it: Because even though the box gets discarded when they step off the bus, for 15 minutes at school they get to be the cool kid with the best Valentine Mailbox on the planet. And that hurts–because our kids’ self esteem is wrapped up in having an elaborate valentine mailbox…that their mom or dad made…

The lesson for my girls?

Elaborate Valentine Mailbox is not equal to Mother’s Love for You.

I will not begrudge you the family fun and creativity that Elaborate Valentine Mailbox making gives you: the time spent together, the pride of a job well done, those priceless family moments.

BUT if you are sitting ALONE at your dining room table on the eve of Valentine’s Day with a rogue sequin on your chin, scraps of red construction paper in your hair, a glue gun in one hand, and a second degree burn on the other…well, this post is for you.

It’s okay.

Step away from the paper lace hearts.

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Christine Hutchinson
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