Doctor Pressured Baby’s Parents to Abort Her 3 Times—When She Was Born? Shock and Awe!

Having a baby is always an exciting time, especially when you get a glimpse of your growing child on ultrasound. But for parents Marshall and Melissa Joyner, those ultrasounds and other tests came with heartbreak when their unborn daughter was diagnosed with birth defects. Doctors told the Joyners that their baby girl had Trisomy 18, that her intestines were outside her body, and that her legs and feet were deformed. With each separate announcement, the Joyners were “pressured” by doctors to abort their unborn daughter, whom they had named Olivia-Jax. Her dad Marshall explains what happened next in this touching Facebook post.

Olivia Jax
Photo: Marshall Joyner on Facebook

“Hi, I’m Jax. Doctors tried to bully my parents into aborting me three times. They said my intestines were out of my body – my momma and daddy wouldnt let them. They said my legs and feet were deformed and not worth the mothers risk – my momma and daddy wouldnt let them. Then they said i had Trisomy 18 and wouldnt live outside of the womb – and my mommy and daddy wouldnt let them. Daddy said he didnt believe them- he said their evidence was pathetic -daddy said I was fine. My mommy agreed. And went against the will and advice of the top doctors of their field “high risk pregnancy”. I was born a month early – i’m in the 95+% for everything – my hands and feet are perfect – my tummy is just like it is supposed to be – i dont have an extra 18th chromosome- I’m almost 7months old now because i was born a month early and – I’m fine. My name is Olivia-Jax not fetus not human tissue. I’m a little girl that my mommy and daddy didnt give up on – and I’m fine”

This isn’t the first story I’ve  heard of a baby turning out much healthier than expected when parents are pressured to abort for health reasons—and I’m sure it won’t be the last! I’m so happy that the Joyners chose life for this little girl. I know God has a great plan for her life, and I can’t wait to see what it is!

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