Incredible! This Doctor Pulls a “MacGyver” on a Plane and Saves a Toddler’s Life


The parents of an asthmatic 2-year-old have much to be thankful for this week. After their toddler starting having an asthma attack on an Air Canada flight from Spain to the U.S. last week, fellow passenger Dr. Khurshid Guru quite literally came to the rescue. Guru is the director of Robotic Surgery at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

The toddler’s parents had mistakenly packed his asthma medication in their checked baggage. His breathing troubles started about 4 hours into the flight, but with many hours still to go, the crew made an announcement asking if there was a doctor on board. With assistance and supplies from the flight crew, Dr. Guru (yes, his name is Guru! #awesome) made a makeshift nebulizer from a water bottle, a cup, an oxygen mask and tank, and an adult inhaler. He was able to give the child two breathing treatments and get his breathing back to safe levels.

So, basically , this doctor was able to think outside the box, do a medical MacGyver, and save a toddler’s life on a plane. What an incredible story! It’s not every day that a doctor saves a toddler’s life on a plane. We’re so thankful it had a happy ending!

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Jenny Rapson
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