Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie on Adopting Rowdy Robertson: “They’re Always Worth It”

Rowdy Robertson

Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie are opening up about their newest adoption of a 13-year-old boy named Rowdy Robertson. They first spoke up this past January, announcing that Rowdy had been with them since May, but now they’re revealing more details of how they met and came to love their latest “duckling”—and how he’s inspired them to make adoption the theme of the upcoming Duck Commander 500 race at Texas Motor Speedway.

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Photo: Korie Robertson @bosshogswife on Instagram. Rowdy is just right of center, with sister Sadie’s hand on his shoulder.

The Robertsons revealed to the Dallas Morning News that it was at the Duck Commander 500 that they first met Rowdy last year, after Korie was approached about the then 12-year-old at an adoption event she spoke at. After their initial meeting at the speedway went well, they invited Rowdy to spend some time at their home and get to know the whole family. After that, Rowdy was all in, and just two weeks later he joined their family.

Willie and Korie expressed that adopting an older child is different (“They have just as much say. We wanted him to be comfortable, ” said Willie), but very important, so they want to spread the word about older kids in the foster care system available for adoption in our country —a number that is currently about 114,000 strong. So, the Robertsons are using their signature NASCAR race, the Duck Commander 500, to do just that. The speedway is partnering with Duck Commander to host adoption agencies, and others offering financial resources, on-site at the race. They are also offering a special ticket package called “Drive Adoption”, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

The most special part of the race? Rowdy himself and his new uncle, Willie’s brother Jase, will call on drivers to start their engines as co-marshals of the 2016 event. What better way to put a face on the cause of kids needing adoption?

The Robertsons say for them, adoption is a calling and a gift from God.

“It’s an expression of our faith,” Willie said. “God’s been so good to us.”

“Children are never easy,” Korie added. “But they’re always worth it.”

I LOVE this effort to bring more kids home to forever families! Congrats and kudos to the Robertsons!


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