Eeeek! Netflix Just Released the First On-Set Photos of ‘Fuller House’

I hope I’m not the only Gen-Xer who is CHOMPING AT THE BIT to binge-watch the “Full House” spinoff “Fuller House” when it debuts on Netflix on February 26. I was very, very dedicated to the Tanner clan back in the day and I am ridiculously psyched to rediscover my golden 80s/90s childhood soon when DJ, Steph, Kimmy GIbbler, Danny, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, et al are back together. WHEEE!

(What? I’m not weird. This is totally normal.)

Imagine my excitement earlier today when Netflix released some on-set photos from the series’ current filming sessions! Ahh, it did my heart good to see the gang back in action! Here they are in all their Fuller House glory!


I love DJ’s surprised face! I bet it’s because of one of Uncle Joey’s antics.


Umm..not sure I wanna know what Gibbler and Steph are up to in this one? Ladies night sans DJ?


Oh, please, please, PLEASE tell me the sappy “I think we all learned an important lesson today” music is playing during these last two!!


(All images: Michael Yarish/Netflix)

AUNT BECKY! Where are the twins??

What do you think of these images? And what the HECK kinda shoes is Kimmy wearing in this last shot??

I can’t wait for Fuller House! Can you?

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