Elizabeth Smart Is a Mom! She Welcomed a Baby Girl – and Kept it Secret for Three Months

Elizabeth Smart, the Utah kidnapping survivor whose story captivated the country in 2001 and 2002, has become a mom to a baby girl named Chloe, her dad Ed Smart told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Smart travels the country speaking about being a survivor of kidnapping and rape and crusading against sex trafficking, She was only 14 when she was kidnapped and held for nine months by Brian David Mitchell, who claimed to be a prophet.

She married Matthew Gilmour in 2012, and last year she told People magazine that her greatest aspiration was to be a mother. Happily, those dreams came true in February when she and Gilmour welcomed a baby girl they named Chloe.

“It is totally private,’ This is something she is keeping to herself and not trying to have out there.” new grandpa Ed Smart said.

I say a hearty “Congrats and welcome to motherhood!!” I am pretty impressed that Smart was able to keep the entire pregnancy and birth under wraps. It kind of stinks that she  had to go to those lengths, but I am glad she was able to enjoy some private time with her little family before the world got the news.

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Jenny Rapson
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