Enjoying the Holiday Season Means Knowing When to Say When—and Sticking to It

Every Christmas, I vow I will do less and enjoy more.

And every year I find myself doing more and enjoying even less.

What is it about us that no matter how much we know in our hearts, we just can’t get it into our heads? We know this season is really about celebrating the birth of Jesus and enjoying our family. That what truly brings us joy are all the tiny, unplanned wonders that sneak in and make the season bright.

It’s not what we plan. Not what we buy or what we orchestrate that makes this time of year special for our kids. It’s the time that we give. The quiet and precious moments we share. We can’t plan those. We don’t make those. Those things just happen.

And yet off we go, into the stores and online shopping and start spinning out of control.

I sat at my computer last night thinking: I need to buy more things. I don’t have enough things for everyone. What is wrong with me?

My grandfather lived through the depression and was fond of telling us kids: “It’s like Christmas every day.” Yes grandpa, you are right. As I’ve grown up I see, it IS like Christmas every day. I miss you.

So we’re done. We’re wrapping up christmas, literally. No more shopping, no more getting. No more having, buying, needing or wanting.

I want peace this Christmas. I want family and friends.

I want the joy and love and quiet peace that comes packaged in those tiny beautiful moments we can’t plan, but for which we need to make room.

I can’t buy any of those things. What I need to do is shove all the other stuff out of the way, so I can find what I already have in my own four walls.

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Tammy Strait
Tammy Strait is a mom of 3 boys, writer, and non-lawyering lawyer living in beautiful northern Idaho. You can find her blogging at Grace Uncommon and join her on her Facebook page.