These 7 “Dad Texts” Will Leave You Laughing For Days

My dad is the king of corny jokes (for instance! Me: I’m hungry. Dad: Nice to meet you Hungry, I’m Charlie. BA DUM BUM), so it’s kind of a bummer that texting wasn’t around when I was growing up in the stone ages, because I know he could have thrown out some great texts! (Not that texts from a 70-year-old dad aren’t amusing sometimes, but…

Luckily for me, today’s texting dads are nailing it with the funny as they text their teens, and I’ve got some hilarious examples to prove it! If these texts don’t make you LOL, you might be dead inside…enjoy!

1. Kids, Dad MAY not be your hero anymore…

dad text moth

2. But he’s STILL the master of repetition!

dad text fish

3. You’ll NEVER be able to boss him around…

dad text bloody

4. Don’t ever say he’s not culturally relevant!

Dad text Darth Vader

5. He knows how to keep you in line

Dad text dinner

6. He’ll never stop worrying about your safety…sort of.

dad text dark alley

7. And finally, he really, REALLY, really loves his kids.

dad text mean

Oh no he dit-int!

These texting dads cracked me UP! Now I have some parenting text goals for when my kids were older. Have you ever sent your kids an epically funny text? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Jenny Rapson
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