The Gilmore Girls Guide to Surviving This Thanksgiving

Regardless of our political persuasion, I think we all know that the upcoming holidays might be a little rocky. I mean, really, getting together with family and friends over turkey and SO MANY POTATOES always makes for an unpredictable scenario. Who knows what Uncle Bob is going to say this year? And where did all these kids come from? And why do we have so many side dishes and no bread? How did that even happen?

Thanksgiving can be rough — and nobody knows that better than the Gilmores. Luckily, they are here to help us survive the next few days of togetherness. And our reward? The much-anticipated, fairly well-reviewed four-part revival coming in T minus six days on Netflix. Obviously! Come on, friends. WE CAN DO THIS. Grab your Tums and let’s go!

First off, start the day on a positive note. Pray, meditate, dance it out. Whatever you need to do, don’t start with a bad attitude.

I’m not saying to pretend like problems aren’t going to come up. Because, let’s be honest, that happens even on a good year.

But just be prepared. For ANYTHING. After all, this is obviously a year in which anything can happen.

Maybe take a minute to make a mental list of topics to avoid. And, if you’re a real overachiever, come up with a list of alternative topics: Brad and Angelina’s breakup, your football team’s record, weird baby names, or hey! What about the Gilmore Girls revival? Let’s talk about THAT.

Now, odds are you can’t avoid every awkward conversation this holiday season. So the trick is figuring out how you want to respond. Do you shut it down, Emily Gilmore style?

Or perhaps just shoot a Mrs. Kim face your in-laws’ way…

Maybe you start talking about something completely unrelated (refer to the previous list of suggested topics, although the weather or the Cubs or your kids’ latest achievement are timeless classics for a reason).

What’s that? You enjoy a little friendly debate (AND YOU THINK YOU CAN FIND THAT HERE?)? Well, okay, fine. Go with God, I suppose. But just keep an eye on your family members’ reactions, eh? Check the temperature of the room every once in a while.

And definitely wear some armor, man. You’ve got to have a thick skin to handle the controversial topics of the day these days.

If avoiding confrontation is more your style {*raises hand*}, you can always help wash dishes. Or just go through your list of witty comebacks in your head and smile.

Or laugh! Because, really, when faced with something outrageous, we can laugh or we can cry. Let’s pull a Sookie and laugh.

Also? It doesn’t have to be a drink, but making sure everyone has something in their mouth won’t hurt.

Especially if it’s a taco. My family is forgoing the traditional turkey dinner this year and going with a Mexican-themed soups and appetizers meal. No political commentary was intended, you guys. WE JUST LOVE TACOS AND EVERYTHING TACO-RELATED.

Yes, that’s right. Remember why we’re all here.

Go out on a good note, friends. Politics will pass, but family is forever. Hug those crazy people and wish them well, Dolly Parton-style if you must.

And after it’s all over? Take some time to recover. Preferably with ice cream or pizza or both.

We can all agree on that, at least. Right?

One more thing that might help you survive the holidays is my new book, Fast Talk & Faith: A 22-Day Devotional Inspired by Gilmore Girls. It’s available on Amazon, and you can get your copy right now!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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