Girl Asks This Coffee Shop Employee With Down Syndrome to Read a Sign—10 Seconds Later, I’m In Tears!

In general I roll my eyes at the elaborate “prom-posal” stunts teens have to pull off just to ask someone to prom these days (not to sound OLD, but in my day, “Will you go to prom with me?” worked just fine.), but THIS sweet prom-posal by Lillie Wright of Wilmington, North Carolina, to her friend Trevor has me ALL misty-eyed!

Lillie’s parents own Beau’s Coffee, a coffee shop in Wilmington that is run by people with developmental disabilities. She has been friends with Trevor, one of the shop’s employees, for years.

To ask Trevor to prom, Lillie made I sign that said “I like coffee, I like tea, will you go to prom with me?” and asked Trevor to read it. He read it aloud and then threw his hands up with an exuberant “YES!” before sharing a happy hug with Lillie.

This was trending on Facebook last night and it made my heart so happy. I love people with Down syndrome and I’m so glad Lillie chose to spend her big night with a cool guy like Trevor—and that thanks to social media, hundreds of thousands of people got to hear about it.

Have an awesome prom, Lillie and Trevor. If I’m ever in Wilmington, I know where I’m going for coffee!

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Jenny Rapson
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