Heart-Wrenching Photo of Mom Breastfeeding Infant With Brain Cancer Will Move You to Tears

Nursing mom Anastasia Pitts was totally unprepared for the viral reaction she’d get from sharing a photo of herself nursing her 6-month-old daughter Xenia, but…it’s not just any breastfeeding photo. Beautiful Xenia was born with stage 3 brain cancer, and the reaction and support her mom has gotten from the touching photo has been overwhelmingly positive. Anastasia says:

“My daughter was born with stage 3 brain cancer. I am incredibly happy to have the opportunity to breastfeed her while she goes through chemotherapy. It has been a bonding experience for the both of us, especially because no day is guaranteed.”
To see updates on them she has a page set up Xenia’s Journey!

This loving mama’s picture is truly a testament to the huge COMFORT breastfeeding can be to a baby going through any illness or trauma. And in a childhood cancer situation that cam make many parents feel completely helpless, it’s so wonderful that this mom can truly benefit her child’s emotional and physical health.

Anastasia has already seen her daughter through THREE brain surgeries in her short life! Please join me in praying for this beautiful family. You can follow them on the Xenia’s Journey FB page, and you can also help them out along the way on their GoFundMe page.

Praying for you Anastasia and Xenia! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!

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Jenny Rapson
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