Her Daughter Has Brain Cancer—and This Mom’s “Medicine”? Brought Me to Tears

I think it’s safe to say that your child being diagnosed with cancer is right up there in the top  of every mom’s list of nightmares. Sadly, such was the case for Jamie Dawn Beckstead, whose daughter Faith recently underwent surgery for brain cancer.

Faith recently had surgery to remove the brain tumor that was pushing on her optic nerve, and when she awoke, she was upset about the strip of hair doctors had to shave from her head to perform the surgery. That’s when her mom sprung into action. Love What Matters explained in a recent Facebook post that as soon as Jamie was able to sneak away, she went straight to the salon to get a hair cut that perfectly matched Faith’s. The post says:

Photo: Facebook, Love What Matters

“This is Faith May, my superhero!!! Faith just had surgery to remove a brain tumor that was pushing on her optic nerve and destroying her pituitary gland. Every superhero has a side kick who picks them up, dusts them off, and makes them feel stronger then ever. Faith was feeling a little down when she noticed they had to shave some of her hair to remove her tumor. In true side kick fashion Faith’s mom, Jamie Dawn Beckstead, went home during a shift swap and came back looking just like Faith! Judging by her smile she loves it!”

I LOVE what Jamie did for her little girl! It’s hard to feel like you can’t do anything to physically heal your child, but I think Jamie’s actions will go a long way in healing her daughter’s spirit and helping her stay positive as she fights brain cancer. Please join me in praying for little Faith and her family.

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Jenny Rapson
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