To the Foster Moms Putting Your Hearts On the Line Every Day

To all the Safe Families moms, foster moms, aunties, friends, neighbors and grandmas loving a child whose mom is struggling … you are my heroes.

You know that wee ones from hard places can easily be lost in the battles their moms and dads face. But not on your watch.

sad son

We are told there is no greater love than one who lays down his life for another. And you do.

You willingly lay down your life to sacrificially love the very least of these. You scoop these kids out of dark waters and provide security they desperately need.

You feed and clothe and comfort. You read stories and kiss boo boos. You cheer over milestones and celebrate victories. You listen to chatter and teach truth.

You envelop these dear children into the rhythm and routines of your home and family. Even this innermost circle of your life is not off limits.

Nor is your heart.

Because you know your heart will shatter at every turn, especially when its time to say good-bye. But you don’t let that stop you.

You console tiny ones missing mommy. You soothe wailing cries, wipe tears and whisper love over little heads. You speak life into dying, hurting hearts and give reasons to hope.

And when anger and fear threaten to tear these kids apart, you don’t give up. You do everything you can to teach them to trust. And you prove to them over and over that they are worthy of love.

You silently pray for mom, knowing that the little ones playing at your feet want her well more than anything in the world. You field chaos and schedules and visits and paperwork on her behalf. And even when it appears all the kings horses and all the kings men still can’t put mom back together, you pray again.

You love day in and day out though these babies can offer you nothing in return. Well not nothing, exactly. Because their smiles are gifts and their triumphs are joys. You know some things just can’t be explained in earthly terms and loving another mother’s children is one of them.

Thank you for your heart to love these kids. Thank you for your heart to love their parents. Thank you for choosing the hard thing and planting seeds of love, hope and trust you may never see to fruition.

Know you are seen. Know you are appreciated. Know your Creator is smiling as you express His very heart – loving the vulnerable as His hands and feet.

I am praying for you. For strength and wisdom and patience. For joy to fill your heart and grace to fill your days. For smiles and hugs and rest and energy. And for what you want more than anything else – healing in the lives of these small ones filling your homes and your hearts.

Thank you.

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Tammie Haveman
Tammie is the wife to a gem of a husband and mama to four of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet. She chases her kids and a menagerie of horses, goats, and chickens around her little hobby farm out in the Minnesota countryside. Tammie is passionate about God’s command to love and serve others in community. She plays an active role in women’s ministry at her church and serves as assistant director of a nonprofit that wraps around isolated kids and families. Tammie blogs about hospitality, faith, and serviceat You can also catch her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.