Hey, Mom! I’ll Show You My Mess in Hopes That You’ll Show Me Yours

There’s a misconception flitting around the motherhood community.

Hide your flaws, be perfect, act like it you can do it all; lest another judge and scorn you from her high horse.

Well, the perfection expectation ends here.

I, for one, am a lover of reality.

I embrace every aspect of motherhood, including those moments where life is messy, my kids look disheveled and I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with potty training!

It’s my desire that as women we could lay down the illusion of perfection, the one that says we have this whole thing figured out, and just be real with each other.

In my mind, that honesty and vulnerability allows for growth on behalf of mothers everywhere.

Those moms who do have their act together can lovingly shepherd and share their expertise, helping and encouraging the mom who struggles.

More importantly, we could learn to laugh at ourselves a little more, embrace the messiness of motherhood and just be ourselves.

Because if we’re honest, really honest, there are things we’ve all done just to keep our head above the waters of motherhood and to keep our mom sanity.

There are situations in which we’ve let high standards go and things we’ve done just because life was hectic.

There are secrets tucked away in our mommy hearts that we would never openly share with others for fear of seeming like a “bad mom.”

Until now.

Popcorn Disaster Faith Along the Way

Upon my recent poll of mothers, I laughed in agreement, knowing I, too, am guilty of some, if not all, of these secret mother survival tips.

So if the boxing gloves of motherhood were off, here are a few things we may admit. Can you relate?

1. I’ve given my kids candy to keep them quiet and to bribe them.

2. I’ve let them eat something off the floor, even in public.

3. There are days when the kids watch too much T.V. so I can get things done.

4. Some days the kids defeat me and the score seems to be kids-20, mom-0.

5. When’s the last time they had a bath? I can’t remember …

Clay Faith Along the Way

6. At the end of some days, my house looks as though a bomb’s blown up, and I leave it that way until the morning.

7. Don’t look too closely at my kid’s socks, they may be mismatched.

8. Motherhood can be lonely.

9. There are days I will let them do pretty much anything to keep them quiet.

10. Motherhood is hard. It’s a beautiful, wonderful, gift, but still, it’s hard.

Hang in there, mama!

Together let’s learn to not sweat the small stuff, be real with our fellow moms and laugh at those messy moments.

And on those days where the kids seem to have gotten the best of us, let’s remember that no family is perfect and no mom really has it all together.

We’re all just doing the best we can, and by sharing our reality with each other, we build a community that supports instead of tears down. And that’s a community I would be honored to be a part of!

What’s something you’ve done as a mom you rarely admit?  

Can you relate to any of the mom moments from the poll I conducted?

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