Hole. Lee. SMOKES! Watch Mom Deliver Her Own Lightning-Fast Baby In the Hospital Doorway

They say second babies come faster than first babies, bu British mum Jessica Stubbins was NOT prepared for the lightning-fast labor she had with her 2nd child, Lucy. Jessica and her husband, already parents to toddler Penny, took showers and bathed before heading to the hospital to deliver their daughter, thinking they had plenty of time before Lucy’s arrival. But, as they approached the hospital, Jessica knew the baby was coming FAST.

I said [to my husband], “You’d better drop me off and park the car,” she told Good Morning Britain.

On the video above, you can watch as Jessica enters the first set of hospital doors, but doesn’t even get to the 2nd set of doors before she has to pause, take her pants down, and deliver her own baby – just SECONDS after entering the hospital. Moments later, you see her husband rush in, JUST after missing the birth of his 2nd child.

Happily, Lucy was perfectly healthy and nurses were there to attend to her and Jessica within seconds as well. Congratulations to the Stubbins family—I for one am SO glad I got to see this! It’s a crazy reminder of how amazing our mom bodies are and how precious new LIFE is!

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Jenny Rapson
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