I’m Not Sorry for Being a Pinterest Mom

Today is Annalyn’s birthday. We’ve invited all the girls in her class (to be fair, you know) to a secret agent spy party this weekend. All the decorations came in plastic, pre-made and sold at Walmart. And the cake? It will be delicious – and made from a cake mix and store frosting.

But the invitations? Well, they were SO CLEVER. And handmade. And awesome.

I’m seriously proud of the invites – plain notes in a typewriter font, giving each guest their mission, should they choose to accept it. And the brown envelopes addressed to Agent So-and-So, with the tiny red stamped, “Top Secret” on the top? A masterpiece, really.

Well, okay, maybe not. But since I haven’t done anything crafty in quite a while, the fact that I used ink and stamps and a paper cutter felt like a real accomplishment!

And, it also felt like fun.

I’d forgotten how much I do love craft projects. Not all of them. I don’t need to get all wrapped up in burlap or mess with glue guns, and I most certainly do NOT sew. And I have plenty of Pinterest FAILS that I could tell you about on my record. But making cute party invitations? I loved it. And putting together a few “secret agent spy” activities that I found online? I might be doing it very late the night before the party, but I know I’ll love it, too!

It’s interesting to me that over the past five years since Pinterest was founded, it’s become an adjective of its own. And the way I hear it used most often is in a derogatory way: “Oh, she’s such a Pinterest mom!”

Um, you mean she did a science experiment with her kids over Christmas break? Or put her son’s toy dinosaurs in funny positions and places while he slept at night? Or made cupcakes with pumpkin AND chocolate AND banana AND apple? Or made her own apron? That she wears? While she follows her cleaning schedule? THAT SHE GOT FROM PINTEREST?!?

So what?! If another mom wants to use ideas she got from a website to become more organized or to try new foods or to learn how to crochet or to get her kids to eat veggies, who am I to complain or judge or even roll my eyes? I think it’s great! I love trying new, fun things I see on Pinterest.

And that’s just it – some of those things are truly fun for me. Breaking out my paper cutter the other night and staying up late with teeny tiny stamps and party invites was soothing and satisfying. Trying a new recipe is my idea of a good time, and those no-sew tutus really ARE super easy to make! But other stuff, like the projects involving spray paint and sandpaper? I know that’s not for me and I can just keep on scrolling, sister.

As we say in our house, different people like different things. And that is on full display on Pinterest. Some of it is fun for me, and some of it’s not. Sometimes I’m crafty and other times I’m SO not. So if you’re not crafty, I get that. And if you are, I get that, too. And I say we don’t need to apologize for either one.

Oh, another thing that helps my perspective on Pinterest? I am fully aware that all those pretty pictures aren’t real life. Some might be, but others might be staged and cropped and edited. They might be the last of 47 other attempts (to craft, to cook, to get her kids to cooperate and smile at the camera, dang it) that failed. They might be a stock photo or the result of two professional photographers, a full-time party planner, a chef and a food stager.

Unless it looks like this. If it looks like this, it’s probably real

Pink Lemonade Cake

Yep, I am a TOTAL Pinterest mom. Just look at that frosting job! Ha!

I’m not sorry for the times when I’m crafty and clever, and I’m not sorry for the times when I’m clever enough to buy it at the store. And I’m not sorry for watching this video three times last night:

Have you ever been called a Pinterest mom? Was that a good or bad thing?

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Mary Carver
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