Jen Hatmaker Let Her Sex “Code Word” Slip In Front of Her Kids & the Internet’s Response is HYSTERICAL

As I may have mentioned like 400 times before, I LOVE following Jen Hatmaker’s Facebook page. In addition to some fabulous spiritual insights, Jen also brings THE FUNNY, and her TMI is TM-AWESOME! Case en pointe, this post from her yesterday in which she accidentally revealed to her kids that yes, she and their father still have sex.

Jen Hatmaker legs
Photo: Jen Hatmaker on Facebook


Once upon a time, we were at the lake and Brandon Hatmaker started putting on his shoes at 9:30pm at night. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Where are you going?” He answered, “I am heading home tonight because I have an early morning meeting.” Forlorn, I replied, “But it is your birthday and I shaved my legs.” Then all the kids freaked out and fell on the ground and gagged and died. The end.


As if THAT wasn’t hilarious enough, Hatmaker’s Facebook fans soon began chiming in with stories of their own. While some of them were INDIGNANT on Hatmaker’s behalf:

Hatmaker comment 2

MOST of them about how they were also horrified by their parents’ admission of still doing the nasty. Here are some of my favorite comments—prepare to cry-laugh ’til it HURTS!

Hatmaker comment 1

hatmaker comment 3

hatmaker comment 4

hatmaker comment 6

hatmaker comment 7

Are you dying, OR WHAT?? Totally cracking up about the “code words”—what’s yours?

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