Jen Hatmaker Met a Baby Named “Avocado” and the Internet’s Reaction is HYSTERICAL

I love Jen Hatmaker (who doesn’t? It’s a requirement for Christian females). From her insightful books to her hilarious blog posts to her keepin’ it real Facebook page—not to mention her reality show—she is pretty much the most relatable Christian author EVAH.

Yesterday, she posted something funny on her Facebook page and several friends of mine either tagged me in the comments or posted it to my timeline because I am very um, VOCAL about my hatred for weird baby names. Well, apparently the rest of Jen’s fans are too, because the post and comment thread below just BLEW UP immediately! Check it out! Here is what she said (full post embedded below):

You guys, I am writing in a trendy spot on South Congress, and a hipster couple is eating next to me with their hipster baby: “Avocado”

I can’t. I love this town.

Twitter went all in on this:

Steve: That baby has the “good” fat.
Matt: Do they refer to Avocado’s number 2 as guacamole?
Stephen: My wife overheard a kid in the doctor’s office named Galaxy. ‪#‎why‬
Steve B: Pomegranate had school today.

(We need more men in our Facebook tribe, you guys. My “Steve” consortium on Twitter had me howling.)

You guys, I am writing in a trendy spot on South Congress, and a hipster couple is eating next to me with their hipster…

Posted by Jen Hatmaker on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

AS I mentioned, I am very opinionated and prejudiced (right or wrong, people, this is me) about when people name their babies weird things. I just don’t think it’s RIGHT to name your baby after a vegetable, you guys. Or to spell “Kennedy” like “Kynnedee”. You know what I’m saying. (For the record, my kids’ names are Joshua, Sophie, and Jonah. Feel free to judge them as “boring” and “normal” all day long.)

But in the case of baby “Avocado,” I don’t need to come up with any witty judgments against these hipster parents! Hatmaker’s rabid Facebook fans took care of that for me! Here are some of my favorite, most hilarious comments! (By the way, I imagine Baby Avocado looks like this:)

avocado baby
WHY, Mom and Dad? WHYYYYYYY???

Emily Arters baby sibling names: Cilantro and Lime. If they add Chicken then it’ll be the whole enchilada .”

Jennifer McCarthy Oh, can you imagine if she gets sick…. the phone call to the doctor, ‘Should I bring Avocado in for a checkup, she’s looking a little green.’ “
Jennifer Cretu probably she is named Ava Cado… Ava for short, but the cado part sets her apart from the 8 million other Avas in her class.”

SO those were some of the best comments about Baby Avocado, but what really got me were the comments about OTHER crazy names people knew of…starting with Mrs. Hatmaker herself!

Jen Hatmaker Austin’s best piece of local lore is our resident urologist (as in the guys that perform vasectomies) whose name is – and who could make this up? – Dr. Richard Chop. You can imagine the shortened version of his first name and there you are. His parents basically conjured his life’s work the day he was born.”

Jessica Schumann Weaver My sister taught elementary school in title 1 school. My personal favorite was the sisters at her school named Ya’Highness and Ya’Majesty.”

Ashley Parker Loney I got some good ones working at Starbucks, but my favorite, hands down, was Apathy. No strange pronunciation, it was just Apathy. I said, “Really?” And this girl, bless her heart, goes, “Yah. My parents are d*cks.” I died.”

Toni Thennes Brou I was eating at a trendy place with my then 8-year old son. A very hip young mom was at a table near us with a toddler named Tiger. ‘Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!’ She was very excited about him and his name. A toddler friend at their table asked Tiger if he’d like a bite of his hamburger. And Tiger’s mom replied, “Oh, no! Tiger doesn’t eat meat!” Under his breath, my 8-year old muttered, ‘well, isn’t that ironic?'”

Christy Faith Reese Burns There is a boy next door to me who’s name is Cerious (sounds like serious) Lee. I look at him all the time and say ‘Seriously?’ He does not get it at all lol.”

Ok, so you get the picture! The whole thread is hilarious and you can literally waste an entire day trying to read all of the nearly 800 comments! And of course there are many comments from people defending their weird baby names, too. Hey to each his own…but I hope your kids don’t hate you one day (I’m looking at you, Avocado’s mom and dad-o!)

Where do you stand on “unique” baby names?



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