Joey Feek Laid to Rest at Private Funeral in Tennessee

Joey Feek’s rep told Entertainment Tonight that she was laid to rest in a private funeral on her family’s farm in Tennessee. The singer passed away March 4th after a battle with cervical cancer. Her husband Rory, the other half of their country music duo Joey + Rory, posted this on their Facebook page as he prepared:

…making plans that I hoped we would never have to make.

Posted by Joey+Rory on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Joey’s family released a statement which reads in part:

“Joey was surrounded by family and close friends at the time of her passing,” said her family in a statement. “Joey had been fighting Stage IV cancer for nine months, surrounded by the love and support of countless family members, friends, loved ones, longtime followers of her music and even strangers who were inspired by her life.

Joey was known for her beautiful voice, beautiful smile and beautiful marriage partnership with Rory Feek. While grateful for numerous accolades and countless career dreams that came true, Joey found the real meaning and joys of life to be one of love for her God, love for her home and family, love for planting and growing and love for sharing with everyone she knew. Her roles as wife and mother are often heralded beyond her celebrity successes.”

Whew. That last part got me good. Throughout their cancer journey shared so candidly on Rory’s blog This Life I Live, the Feeks proved over and over again that their love of and faith in God and their commitment to their marriage and their children came above all else.

rory joey daughters

I am so glad we have Joey + Rory’s music so that she can live on, and Rory’s blog and their story of faith to remind that God is good no matter what, and that marriage is precious in sickness and in health.

joey and rory smiles feat

Prayers for Rory, their daughters, and Joey’s family. So thankful because of Christ they will be together again one day!

In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to:

Joey and Indy
PO Box 5471
Vancouver, WA 98668

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