Joey Feek Cries “I Want to Raise Our Baby”—Then Sings “It is Well With My Soul”…No Words

I’ve been following country singer Joey Feek’s battle with terminal cervical cancer for months now, and I’ve  been writing about it for a few weeks.  As a young mom, only 2 years younger than Joey, with little kids who still need me like hers need her, it is a story that hits close to home.

So when I read Joey’s husband Rory Feek’s latest blog post on This Life I Live, I could not hold back the tears when he wrote that Joey said the words, while sobbing, “I want to raise our baby. I want to be the one to teach her”. She is talking of course, about their 18-month-old, Indiana, who has Down syndrome and quite simply, needs her mama. At times like these, what else can we do but repeat over and over that God’s ways are not our ways? Trust is all we have.

Photo: JoeyandRory on instagram

Then Rory writes about how at that exact moment they got a little miracle from God in the midst of Joey’s great grief over not watching baby Indy grow up. All of a sudden, through her sobs, Joey’s face lit up with a smile. And the reason for that smile? She looked out the window and saw a gift from God—white, fluffy flakes of snow.

Rory writes, “‘ [She said] I didn’t think I’d get to see snow again’. And she looked at me, then raised her eyes up at sky and said ‘if this is the last snow I ever see, thank you Jesus… thank you.’ Like manna from Heaven. God sent us just what we needed… just when we needed it. He always does.”

Rory got his video camera and took footage of that beautiful, manna-like snow…then set it to music with a new song from Joey, from her upcoming “Hymns” album. The song? “It is well with my soul”. Right now, it’s almost too much to handle. But one day, I know listening to her their wife and mother’s sweet voice singing praises to God will be manna from heave for Rory and their three daughters, too. God is good, and it is well.

Manna From Heaven from Hickory Films on Vimeo.

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