Joey Feek’s Husband Says His “Dying Wife” Has Told Jesus She’s “Ready to Come Home”


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In an emotional blog post today in which he says, “Here I sit beside my dying wife,” Rory Feek said his wife and singing partner, Joey Feek, is getting worse as her cervical cancer progresses. Joey has been in hospice care for over a month, but now Rory says “Her pain and discomfort has continued to increase daily and so has the morphine to help her be comfortable,” he continued. “The dosage she’s needed to keep the pain away has quadrupled in the last four days.”

He also says that he’s never called her his “dying wife” before, admitting, “I don’t say those words lightly. As a matter-of-fact, I haven’t said them at all. But my beautiful bride has said them to me in these couple of days.”

The Feeks have literally won the hearts of thousands with their courage and faith in God during Joey’s fight with cancer. We’ve hung on Rory’s every word in blog posts and Facebook updates and Instagram pictures to see how Joey’s doing, and how their baby girl, Indiana, 21 months is doing, and how their older girls, Heidi and Hopie are getting along.

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And we’ve hoped, and prayed, and wished for healing for Joey. For all of them to be together longer on this earth.

But now, even Joey herself has admitted that she doesn’t think she will beat cancer here on earth. Rory reluctantly tells the story, “Yesterday with tears in her eyes and mine, Joey held my hand and told me that she has been having serious talks with Jesus,” he said. “She said she told him that if He’s ready to take her … she’s ready to come home.”

She’s ready to come home. Seeing those words, I can’t help but think of her beautiful, heartbreaking rendition of “Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is Calling“…Come home, come home, ye who are weary come home.

Rory also acknowledges the eerie, ironic similarities between their current situation and their 2012 song “When I’m Gone”, sung from the point of view of someone who is dying.

“Our ‘make-believe’ song and video seems to be coming true,” he wrote in the blog post. “Some call it ‘life imitating art’. I don’t. I call it God.”

The Feek’s story has touched my heart as the mom of young kids and as a believer in Christ over and over again in the past few months. All I can do now is pray God’s will is done, and that He will fulfill His promises to be with us in all our circumstances, as I know He will. Will you join me in continuing to pray for the Feeks?

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