John Legend’s Defense of Chrissy Teigen Against Mom Shamers Is Mic Drop PERFECTION

It’s pretty crazy  how the People of the Internet LOSE THEIR MINDS over the simplest stuff, rushing to judgment just as fast as they possibly can. Moms are often the victim of this public shaming, but especially celebrity moms. New mom and model Chrissy Teigen, who just had her first child, Luna, with husband John Legend, is no exception, and to be honest, it seems like she’s taking more of the abuse than most. The girl can’t even post a single picture to Instagram without the  haters going cray-cray. Her two most recent offenses: going out to dinner with husband John Legend when Luna was just over a week old (THE HORROR!) and wearing a crop top in her Mother’s Day Instagram post (SURELY she was JUST SHOWING OFF to make other mothers feel bad about themselves! Are you picking up on my sarcasm?)

chrissy teigen instagram mothers day
Clearly Chrissy Teigen hates you and wants you to feel bad about your body. That’s why she’s stirring eggs!

I have no personal affinity for either Teigen or Legend (I mean I like his music, but I’ve never bought any of it), and to be honest, I really HATE crop tops (I mean, aren’t you COLD?) but this treatment of her DOES make me outraged for her. And as Legend pointed out in a recent Facebook post, WE DON’T DO THIS TO DADS.

Funny there’s no dad-shaming. When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn’t have to take it all. We’ll split it.”

Drop. The. Mic.

Moms, why are we so quick to tear each other down and just give dads a free pass? We are super critical of celebrity moms, but Avengers star Chris Hemsworth went viral (and the People of the Internet went GAGA over him) for making his daughter a birthday cake this week. Seriously. If a celeb mom had made the cake we’d probably be all “Ugh! Of course you can do that when you can afford a nanny to watch the kids while you bake!” or “Please. She did NOT do that herself.” But when Chris Hemsworth makes a cake or Ryan Reynolds changes a diaper we’re all “CELEBRITY DADS ARE AMAZING! CAN WE PLEASE GIVE THEM A MEDAL OF HONOR?”

It’s a RIDICULOUS double standard and I am glad John Legend called it out.

If you enjoy shaming new parents, shame BOTH parents. It takes TWO to leave the baby at home and go out to dinner. Moms, let’s give each other a BREAK.

Well said, John Legend! I’m not going to knight you or anything, but…maybe if you bake Luna’s 1st birthday cake, I’ll consider it!


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