Kandinsky Circles Craft for Preschoolers

Recently I read on a blog I enjoy about a mom who paired craft time with her preschooler with a lesson about an artist. Brilliant, I thought! Two birds with one stone! Since my five-year-old had recently graduated from occupational therapy, I wanted to keep  her cutting and doing other activities that would keep up her hand strength. Naturally, I began searching Pinterest for an artist and craft for preschoolers that would go together and involve an activity that was good for hand strength, too. I soon found one:

kandinsky circles 1

Source: dollarstoremom.com via jennyitup on Pinterest

This is based on the famous painting “Circles” by Wassily Kandinsky, seen here:

Wassily Kandinsky Circles


Image Source

I made some different-sized circle tracers out of cardboard for my daughter and had her trace, cut, and glue them. I didn’t show her a picture of Kandinsky circles OR have the art lesson until we were all the way finished with the project, because I didn’t want her to try to make hers look like the pictures or like anyone else’s. I just explained to her what to do, and here’s how her circles turned out. I think she did a great job! Here’s how her Kandinsky circles came out:

kandinsky circles 2

We did one set of circles a day for four days, and at the end, we had our little art lesson on Wassily Kandinsky.  We looked at his art online and I told her all I had read about him in all the many fine art books I have in my home on Wikipedia.  It was fun and my daughter was really proud of her circles!  This pin was a win!

After we finished our project, I looked around for a few more Kandinsky-inspired crafts and I love this one from Art Projects for Kids, too!

Kandinsky tree

We had a lot of fun with our artist-inspired craft! Can’t wait to research some more artists to be inspired by!


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