Gold Medal Mom Kerri Walsh Jennings Says She’s “Born to Have Babies” and Twitter Users Can’t Handle It

Team USA Beach Volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings is already a sports legend—together with her former partner, Misty May-Treanor, she’s won three Olympic gold beach volleyball medals. With her new partner, April Ross, she hopes to make history in Rio next week by winning a 4th, which will make her the most decorated beach volleyball player in the world. Simply put, Walsh Jennings is the best in her field. There’s no comparison.

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Recently, Kerri revealed that when she won the historic 3rd consecutive gold medal with May-Treanor (above), she was 5 weeks pregnant with her youngest child, daughter Scout—and she knew it. She said her daughter knows it as well. “She knows she’s golden,” Walsh Jennings told The Post Game.

But it’s what else Kerri said about volleyball and family recently that has some modern women on edge. In an interview on NBC on Saturday, Walsh Jennings says her 3 kids (Scout’s brothers older brothers are Joey, 8 and Sundance, 7) with husband and fellow beach volleyball player Casey Jennings are her biggest achievements. Then she went one better, saying that her family was a reason for living, with the quote, “I feel like I was born to have babies and to play volleyball.”

Photo: @KerriLeeWalsh on Instagram

WHAT? A woman can love her family just as much as her career? She can assign the birthing of children as equal importance as professional achievement? For some reason, Walsh Jennings’ statement scandalized and irritated some modern ladies, who took to twitter and griped at NBC for not censoring Walsh Jennings.

Ummm…what happened to supporting women no matter WHAT choices they make? Fortunately, MOST of Twitter seemed to be of the mindset that Kerri Walsh Jennings should be able to DO and SAY whatever she wants.

I think that Kerri Walsh Jennings is an amazing example of a warrior mom who’s going AFTER it all. And I LOVE this video where she and husband Casey Jennings talk about all the hard work they’ve done on their marriage to make it all work and to be there for their children. Can’t wait to keep watching you in Rio, Kerri! Go get that 4th gold!

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