These Courageous Cancer Fighters Have Kindergarten Graduation at St. Jude’s—and It’s Beyond Beautiful

It’s officially graduation season. All across the country, kids of all ages are donning caps and gowns and valiantly marching across stages, while proud parents look on with admiration and relief. But during one recent graduation, a very special class of new kindergarten graduates wasn’t simply celebrating the fact they know their ABCs and 123s, they were celebrating the fact that they completed their first official year of school, all while fighting cancer.

16 girls and boys, all patients at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, recently took their gradation walk down the halls of the Memphis based hospital, having successfully finished their first official year of school. Located on the campus of St. Jude is a fully functioning K-12 school, staffed with certified teachers who cooperatively work with teachers from each patient’s hometown school, ensuring all kids here don’t miss a beat of their education while they are undergoing treatment. There is a school library, art and music classes, as well as traditional K-12 curriculum catered specifically to each and every patient. And just like regular school at home there are graduation ceremonies, like this one that took a place last week, marking a triumphed and magnificent milestone for a giddy group of five an six year olds. Thanks to the groundbreaking research and successful pediatric cancer treatments being discovered at St. Jude, members of this class of 2016 have a very good chance to reach an even bigger milestone- when they graduate high school, and become members of the class of 2028.

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Melissa Fenton
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