You Can Hear This Birth Mom’s Heart Break in This Gut-Wrenching Letter to Her Baby’s Adoptive Parents

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In celebration of Mother’s Day, a Wyoming man who was given up for adoption at birth by his 17-year-old birth mom posted a letter she wrote to his adoptive parents before he was even born. In it, she begs the parents to let her child know how much she truly and deeply loves him.

Rob Jennings writes on his Facebook page:

“This was written by my 17 year old birth mom while she was pregnant with me. I am eternally grateful to her for choosing life and I am eternally grateful to my mom Judy Romsa for raising me and being the best mom a guy could ask for in this world.”

A photograph of the letter is below. It reads:

Dear parents of my baby,

I have been assured that you will see this; I am comforted greatly. Since it is impossible for me to know you, to talk with you, to thank you, I feel I must at least communicate to you my feelings.

I have not yet delivered, but already, I know my baby so well. The love I have for my creation is so very deep, yet so very painful. I feel so much anguish when I realize – when I fully comprehend – that I will never see my baby again; never see him laugh, or cry, or grow into the fine person he someday will be. But he will always be in my heart. Because I love him as I do, I want him to have the best: I want him to have the love and security you will give him. I know how much you love him; thank you. Please help him understand why I can’t keep him. He’s special, for when he was born, we all loved him. Love him especially hard for me. Words are so shallow when dealing with the naked heart; I wish I knew you, for then I could love you, as my child will.


What an amazing picture of the selfless love of a birth mom. Thank you, Mr. Jennings, for sharing your birth mother’s love with us. Happy Mother’s Day to all the brave birth moms that choose life for their babies.

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