Birth Mom Gives Up Her Baby—Then the Adoptive Mom Flees the Hospital In Tears

Giving up a child for adoption is nearly always a heart-wrenching decision, but it’s one Florida mom Christina Fisher felt was right for her baby girl. She wasn’t in a relationship with the baby’s father, and she was “basically homeless” at the time she found out she was pregnant, so Fisher, 36, and mom to an 18-year-old daughter, Debra, decided to find a loving adoptive family for her baby girl—and she did.

However, when Abigail Lynn was born in January, plans changed quickly and dramatically. Fisher says that when she went into labor, the adoptive mom was there with her at the hospital. She told the Northwest Florida Daily News that she gave the baby’s adoptive mom the bracelet that would allow her to get into the NICU to see baby Abigail. But then, the adoptive mom rushed out of the NICU crying, “…and left the hospital. We never heard from them again.”

The reason? Sweet Abigail Lynn had been born with Treacher-Collins Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes facial deformity and sometime more severe health problems. Abigail’s condition was a total surprise that hadn’t been detected by tests or ultrasounds, but her case is not severe, although she does have a feeding tube for now. She may need cochlear implants to hear at some point as well, but is expected to live a happy, healthy childhood.

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Photo: Oksana Peery Photography

Faced with no adoptive family for her newborn, Fisher’s maternal instincts kicked in: Abigail’s condition, she decided, meant that they truly were supposed to be together as a family. “That is when I realized she is meant to be mine only now cause of her needs,” she wrote on her fundraising page. “I was not fully prepared for her but now I can no longer see my life without either one of my daughters.”

I must agree with Fisher that little Abigail is pretty AMAZING and totally ADORABLE just the way she is! I’m so glad she’s got a mom who wants to love and care for her with her whole heart. If you’d like to support this sweet little family, you can hop on over to their GoFundMe page.

abigail lynn
Photo: Oksana Peery Photography

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