Make Serving Your Superpower: How to Be a Love Ninja

I almost didn’t recognize her.

It was only after she had silently slipped out the front door, after I headed downstairs and found a sparkly kitchen and two dozen cupcakes frosted and ready for my son’s birthday party, after my eye fell on the chicken noodle soup waiting for me in the fridge … it was only then that I realized.

Realized that I’d been targeted by a love ninja.

Ninjas are those covert warriors, operating in stealth with a dizzying array of skills. They are concealed by the shadows, but slip out just at the crucial moment to stun the enemy and complete the mission. By day, they’re unrecognizable. But when things get heated, there’s a sudden flurry of activity, and only when you are just catching your breath and realizing you’ve been rescued and that your hero is slipping, unnoticed, into the background again—then you know that this could not have been anything other than the work of a ninja.

Love ninjas are like that. They look like regular people during the day: moms and friends and coworkers and co-worshipers. They are people with bills and cares and kids and to-do lists. But when the going gets tough, and tough enough that we know we need to ask for help, the love ninjas sneak in.

Turns out, I am surrounded by a community of love ninjas.

Quietly, quietly, a stream of ninjas have slipped in and out of my house during the past week. They have chopped vegetables and left dinner on the stove. They have sat on the floor and played LEGO. They have invited my kids over to paint their clubhouse. They have changed diapers and changed plans. They have ordered supplies on Amazon and have had them delivered ninja-speed to the front door. They have dropped off burgers, and flowers. They have wiped counters and brows and icky-sticky hands. They have picked up kids and picked up medicine. They have finished the shopping and wrapping of gifts for my own kid’s birthday. They have mad cupcake frosting skills.

They perform the miraculous. They save the day. 

And then, quietly, they slip back into the shadows.

I see you, love ninjas. You’re everywhere. And there’s nothing that makes a scary world sweeter than knowing there are love ninjas in disguise all around.

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Bronwyn Lea
Bronwyn Lea is a South-African born writer-mama, raising three littles with her husband in California. She is grateful for all God's good gifts: including grace, laughter, lattes, ice-cream, puns and sex. She blogs about life, faith and family at, and would love to connect with you on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.