Your Busy Life Will Always Be There. Make It Wait For One Minute.

busy life

That first hour after we wake up: I think it is my favorite hour of life.

There is something so precious about seeing my two babies’ faces again after so long. About the way they greet me like I am the greatest thing on earth.

Typically, they are very peaceful. And we take these first minutes to simply breathe. To take in the beauty of being together. Before the busy life starts. Before the hustle and bustle and go, go, go! 

We sit, we read, we allow ourselves to actually think.

They have taught me that life is just as much about slowing down as it is reaching your dreams.

Tomorrow will come. Your busy life will happen. But to enjoy the moment. To sit with nothing but the thoughts in your head. Well, this is something we must learn again.

We are a people of busy. A nation of iphones. We fill our lives with constant stimulation–constant.

But there is something simply magic to a quiet mind, somehow seemingly recharging the entire soul.

I find mine in our first morning hour.

I try to find it here and there again, scattered throughout the remainder of our ever going day.

Life with kids is constant. But to find those moments…

Slow down, sweet momma. It’s okay to allow some things in life to slide.

Find the quiet. Soak in those pockets of calm. Breathe in deeply.

Busy will always be there waiting.

Make it wait for one moment more.

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Sasha Douglas
Sasha Douglas is a wife and mom of two who loves to open up about the realities of motherhood at her blog, MomLife Now. For more from Sasha, you can also follow her on Facebook.