These Miracle Triplets Just Turned Two—and Doctors Told Mom to Abort Two of Them

miracle triplets
Photo: Facebook/Liz Brewer

Liz Brewer and her husband Timo were thrilled to learn they were pregnant again in 2014. They already had one child when Liz gave birth to twins a few years prior, but sadly one of the twins died after only 16 days. So when the Brewers found out they were pregnant with TRIPLETS, a set of twins and a fraternal baby, they were overjoyed—until doctors told Brewer she should abort the twins to give the single baby a better chance of survival.

Brewer told the Daily Mail, “I had an early scan at five weeks as they thought it was an ectopic pregnancy due to the pain I was in, but I was delighted to find out it was twins. Two weeks later we went back for another scan and I said to the lady doing the scan that I always had a feeling I would have triplets, but I knew it was fine as it was twins again. She turned round and said ‘it’s funny you should say that as I think there’s a third one so I need to go and get someone to check.’ She left my husband and I stunned in the room, but we couldn’t help smiling at what a miracle this was and how amazing it would be.”

Having lost a baby after birth, Brewer knew she could not go through with the “selective reduction” abortion of two of her miracle triplets, no matter the outcome. Doctors also suggested that another reason for abortion was that it would be difficult to handle three babies. (Insulting much!?!?)

Brewer Family
Photo: Liz Brewer/Facebook

“They asked if we would be able to cope with three babies, but that’s not something that even crossed our minds. I couldn’t give up. I was blessed with three babies.”

Liz and her husband chose to keep ALL their babies and give all three a chance at life—and today they are SO glad they did. Her boys Deacon and Dallon and her daughter Oriana were all born healthy at 35 weeks on August 19, 2014—which means they just celebrated their SECOND birthday!

triplet wagon

The triplets with their older brothers. Liz Brewer/Facebook

I am so thankful that this mama believe in LIFE—and that her babies were born healthy and continue to thrive. Congrats to the Brewer family, and enjoy every minute of those “terrible two’s” — times THREE!

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