Miraculous Update For Baby With Viral Newborn Photos and “Inoperable” Brain Tumor

Early last month, baby Abigail Jones’ newborn photos by photographer Mary Huszcza. went viral because of their beauty and because of the tragic story that went along with them—while still in the womb, Abigail had been diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous brain tumor.

abigail 1

(Mary Huszcza)

Even given her terminal diagnosis, her parents Erika and Stephen were determined to take her home and love her well for as long as they could. “It really is a celebration of life. A lifetime is a lifetime, whether it’s five years, 10 years or a month,” Stephen said. “We’re celebrating every moment we have with Abigail.”

abigail 2

(Mary Huszcza)

Her parents were told the risks of operating on her brain tumor would outweigh the possible benefits. Even though they had made peace with their  baby’s diagnosis, they still dared to hope and got a second opinion which led to yet another diagnosis and brain surgery for Abigail. The little  baby who wasn’t supposed to live more than a few days is now tumor-free!!

Dr. Al Cohen, a neurosurgeon at Boston’s Children’s Hospital removed Baby Abby’s tumor October 8 and now tells the Jones’ family he thinks there is little chance it will return.

A Facebook post from the Jones’ said, “Our neurosurgeon in Boston told us he could absolutely understand why our doctors would tell us that — it’s what it looked like. Huge tumor, little baby. Ninety-nine percent of the cases, very very bad. Abigail was just not a typical case. The type of tumor he thinks she had (definitive pathology is not back yet) is extremely rare and very much mimicks a malignant, horrible cancer monster. I truly believe our doctors in Jax were trying to help Abigail and us. But what I have learned through this is that a second opinion is always a good idea. Especially if there is any shadow of a doubt.”

The Jones’ said when Abigail was just a few days old and still considered terminally ill that they knew God was taking care of their daughter’s health and future. “If He doesn’t heal her on earth, He will heal her the second she takes her last breath. We know this is tragic, but Abigail’s life has a purpose.”

We are SO thankful, and celebrate with you Jones family, that He has healed her on EARTH! Praise the Lord!

Make sure to check out the rest of Abigail’s beautiful newborn photos here!


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