Missing Country Star Craig Strickland is Found Dead, and His Grieving Wife’s Response is Beyond Inspiring

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Country singer Craig Strickland left on a duck hunting trip on December 26th—and he never returned.

He and his friend, Chase Morland, decided to embark on the journey and face winter storm Goliath. Two days after they departed, a search team found Morland dead, but Strickland was nowhere to be found.

Throughout a grueling week-long search, Craig’s family remained hopeful, requesting prayers all around the nation. Finally, yesterday morning they came across his body, and according to his wife Helen, the shape in which it was found has heartbreaking, but beautiful implications.

“They found him lying in the shape of a cross looking up to his Father,” she said. “I know he found Jesus at that moment.”

Craig reportedly died of hypothermia, but did not suffer from any pain. According to his wife, the former Miss Arkansas, he just fell asleep, peacefully slipping from this life into the next…exactly the way she would’ve wanted him to go.

Throughout the painful process, Helen remained active on social media, continually quoting Bible verses and posting praises to God amidst the hardest time of her life:

On New Year’s Day she gave thanks instead of giving into fear and worry.


And even on the day her husband was found dead, she continued to shout praises to God and declare her trust in Him.



 Helen offered this beautifully written statement of support to her fans and those who helped find Craig:

“Thank you to every single person who prayed for him and our family during this time. There was not a more peaceful way for him to go into the arms of our Lord, and I know your prayers had a role in making that happen. I know he saw Jesus at that moment when he laid down and walked arm in arm with Him into a better Everlasting Life. I love you with all my heart Craig Michael.”

Death is never easy, but what a remarkable way to place life’s single greatest tragedy into the only Hands who are bigger and mightier than Goliath’s. That storm may have won this battle, but God’s got the war.

Amidst unfathomable tragedy, thank you, Helen, for being a stand-up example of wisdom, faithfulness, poise and grace for the rest of us.

Many prayers for this sweet, God-fearing family. May His light shine brightly upon you as you walk through this dark time.

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