Mom Expecting Quintuplets is an Angel on Earth in Gorgeous Maternity Shoot

Australian mum Kim Tucci and her husband are the proud parents of two girls, but last year they got to feeling that their family wasn’t complete, and decided to try for another child. Imagine their surprise when an ultrasound showed that Kim was not pregnant with one, but with FIVE babies! Quintuplets!

At 24 weeks pregnant, Tucci posed for Perth, Australia photographer Erin Hoskins while she was still able to move around without a lot of discomfort. The result are the most stunning maternity photos I’ve ever seen, with Tucci looking postively ethereal and not of this world!

EE Photo Erin Elizabeth Photography


EE Photo 2 Erin Elizabeth Photography

Hoskins wrote last week on her Facebook page, “Kim has carried her babies all the way into the third trimester and five healthy babies are expected to arrive any day now. These photos were taken at 24 weeks and she could not be more beautiful … her strength just shines through in every image. A true goddess, indeed.”

EE Photo 4 Erin Elizabeth Photography

I can’t help but agree with Hoskins…Tucci looks absolutely RADIANT in these photos! I’ve bookmarked her Facebook page so I can follow along on her quintuplets journey—I can’t wait to see newborn photos!

EE Photo 3 Erin Elizabeth Photography

Congratulations to the Tucci family, and thanks to Erin Elizabeth Photography for sharing these amazing photos with the world. New life is beautiful!


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