This 11-Year-Old Died From Playing a Game on Social Media His Mom Had Never Heard Of

A South Carolina mom whose 11-year-old son died earlier this month after playing a popular game on the social media site Kik has a stern warning for parents. According to WYFF, Davorious Gray, a beloved “good kid” was found dead in his home after playing “hangman” or the “pass-out game” where kids choke themselves until they pass out. HIs mom Latrice Hurst says she had no idea he was involved in these games. In a statement released through her church, she has some strong, no-holds-barred words of warning for parents:

“If I could rewind time, I would go back and heavily monitor his use of social media, YouTube and the Internet. I would just say, I don’t believe young people should be on social media and it should be limited to adults, or at the very least, with extreme adult supervision — where the parents can see everything that takes place on the sites — should be a requirement.”

She went on to say that Davorious’ death is already being used to spread awareness about these dangerous games, and was being used for God’s glory.

“This tragic loss of my son has opened up dialogue between students and teachers, students praying and our community coming together, understanding the only healing is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Still, this heartbroken mom WOULD “turn back time” if she could, to have her Davorious back in her arms. She says her son showed no signs of depression, but was a prankster and “loved to play tricks.”

pass out game
Screen shot: WYFF

Parents, I hope you will heed this grieving mom’s words and a) don’t let your kids use social media until they are older and b) monitor, monitor, MONITOR the heck out of what they are doing while they are on it. Your child isn’t ready to make wise decisions every time yet. There are still times you will have to do that for them—especially when social media decisions are often life and death these days.

Our prayers are with Davorius’ family! We are so glad they know Christ’s love and comfort. Thank you, Latrice, for speaking out to parents.

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