Mother of Stillborn Child Asks Heartbreaking Question to Abortion Rights Group


Five months ago, when her full-term daughter Eleanor Josephine was stillborn, Natalie Morgan was heartbroken and shaken to her core. But she used Eleanor’s life and death to encourage parents to cherish the moments they have with their children. Her viral Facebook post with pictures of her beautiful, perfectly-formed stillborn daughter, said, “There will be sleepless nights, multiple diaper changes in a matter of minutes, spit up in your hair, pee on your shirt, and poop in your hands, and again — so much screaming from the baby, and probably from you as well. Every time that happens, every time you feel frustrated and want to run away, please remember my story.”

Months later, Natalie is again using Eleanor’s short life to call attention to an important issue, and again her important words are going viral. She posted this photo of her with Eleanor and took the opportunity to comment on the controversy surrounding the Doritos Super Bowl ultrasound commercial that had abortion rights group NARAL up in arms about Doritos “humanizing a fetus”.


She describes how she felt when she saw the commercial, how the pain of even seeing a baby on an ultrasound cut her deep as she just wanted her baby with her.

“I heard the commercial start before I even saw it. It started with the sound of the heartbeat monitor, and it was like being stabbed in the gut. The very sound I was praying to hear when they were searching for Eleanor’s heartbeat five months ago, and here it was in my very own living room, only it wasn’t my daughter’s. But I suffered through the commercial because that’s all it was – a stupid commercial – and I’m not the type to expect the world to stop for me, nor am I about to petition for “trigger warnings” before every commercial with an ultrasound or newborn baby in it just because it makes me sad. The commercial ended and that was that. Life moved on, and so did I.

And then the NARAL – a massive pro-abortion organization – decided that the commercial was offensive because it “humanized the fetus.” Oh, NARAL…I say this with the deepest sincerity I can muster: Go to hell.”

Morgan goes on to say that as a mother of a full-term stillborn child, she is utterly offended and ripped apart by NARAL’s claim that the full-term child in the Doritos commercial should not be “humanized”.

“First of all, in the commercial, the ultrasound technician herself said, “Any day now,” implying that the mother was full-term, just as I was. That means that the baby had the ability to survive outside the womb. I disagree with abortion at any stage (though I offer grace and compassion to anyone who has had one), but my opinion aside – this isn’t some under-24-weeker that is still “legally” allowed to be terminated. This is a full-term baby due any moment. The NARAL tweeting that “humanizing” a FULL-TERM fetus is offensive just shows how extreme their position is – that baby isn’t human until it’s born.

So what was my daughter, then, NARAL? I know what you’ll probably say: “Oh, well, you WANTED her so of course she was a baby!” I’m fairly confident the parents in the commercial wanted the baby, yet you’re upset it was “humanized.” But regardless, the mere act of wanting or not wanting something does not negate biology. An unwanted child is no different biologically or physiologically than a wanted child. Unique human DNA is present from the moment of conception. Not cat DNA, not dog DNA, not carrot DNA – human. You talk about boycotting Doritos (who I sincerely doubt was trying to take any stand in the abortion debate and was instead just trying to make a dang commercial), but your real boycott should be against science, with all its damn chromosomes and whatnot.”

eleanor natalie

I think everyone could agree that Morgan’s logic is pretty much impossible to argue with, but the way she adds punch and attitude to those pesky facts makes her message all the more powerful. What really got me was when she said this:

“Or maybe you stand by the notion that it’s just a clump of cells until it’s born, which is a fairly extreme belief to hold on to for all 40 weeks of gestation. But here’s another scientific fact for you – the vagina is not some magical portal that transforms some vague collection of cells into a perfectly formed human being as it passes through the canal like it’s a baby Play Doh Fun Factory. The vagina is pretty powerful, but it’s not THAT powerful. A baby three seconds on this side of the womb is the same baby that it was when it was tucked away inside its mother just a moment earlier. The only difference is location, not genetic make-up.
And remember – my daughter died before she was born. If she wasn’t a living person, then how could she have died? Being born should have given her life, going by the logic that passing through the vaginal canal is what magically makes you a living person. “

Natalie, I think you’ve made some amazing points here, and I cannot thank you enough for speaking up for unborn children even though you are still in the midst of great grief and pain. My prayers are with you, and I will never forget your sweet Eleanor.

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