Moving Photo From Dallas Shooting Shows What It Looks Like When We Come Together

After a week of racially-charged violence in which two black men were killed by police, things came to a head in Dallas last night as a peaceful protest ended in a horrific shooting, which killed 5 Dallas police officers, wounded 7 others, and 1 civilian. As the images and stories from that terrifying night hit the media, one powerful one from CNN’s coverage stood out with a message of  hope.

CNN Dallas

In the photo, a group of people of different races band together tightly around a baby stroller as they usher themselves and the baby out of harm’s way.  On his Facebook page, Nate Horman, a former reporter at Boston Metro wrote:

“In the middle of the horror, in the wake of nightmare, amid the outrage and the call to arms is this moment of humanity: People, black and white, surrounded a baby stroller in Dallas as the gunfire broke out. This is the better nature of our angels. This is who we are and who we should strive to be.”

Twitter user Paul Hamilton also posted the photo, saying,

As I look at this photo, I see humanity as God meant for it to be. Not killing each other, but loving each other. Protecting the weakest among us. Helping strangers because their lives are precious no matter whether you know them or not. No matter their color, or religion.

I pray as we move forward from this horrific week of black men being killed by police and police being gunned down in cold blood, that we can think of this picture, and that we can BE this icture to each other.

Love one another, as God has loved you!

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Jenny Rapson
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