This Mom Doesn’t Give a Flip That Her Kids Are Mad at Her—and the Reason Why is Pure Parenting GOLD

Kristina Kuzmic Mad Parenting GOLD

I’m a big fan of Kristina Kuzmin’s YouTube channel (you should totally subscribe!), a fun place where this mom of three dishes out some awesome parenting truth and a whole lot of funny! This latest video in which Kristina bemoans the fact that all three of her kids are mad at her at the same exact moment is right on point as usual.


With her signature no-nonsense, humor-laced style, Kristina’s diatribe on loving your kids vs. being their FRIEND totally spoke to me! Too many parents get caught up in wanting their kids to like them, and at the end of the day, your love and discipline of your kids is way more important than their opinion of you! Kristina NAILED IT—and cracked me up, too! Being a mom is HARD, but I love this encouragement to stand your mom ground!

If you loved this one, check out my other favorite video from Kristina—4 Things Moms Should Never Wear. It’s 100% awesome, and totally NOT about fashion!

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Jenny Rapson
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