One-Armed Super Surfer Bethany Hamilton Conquers Giant “Dream” Wave 6 Months Postpartum


Hamilton Insta

It’s been just six months since Bethany Hamilton, the amazing pro surfer who lost an arm in a shark attack when she was a teen, welcomed her first child, Tobias into the world. For Hamilton and her husband, parenting is a dream come true! However, this surfer mama still has some professional dreams, too, and this week she rode a wave of success in that area—literally.

On Tuesday, Hamilton surfed one of the biggest waves in Hawaii: the Pe’ahi, also known as “Jaws.” She excitedly took to Facebook after her triumph, writing, “I quickly realized, wow this is my chance to have my dreams come true, this is it!” She also took to Instagram and posted this amazing photo of her dream coming true!


The gigantic Maui wave rose to about 40 feet high before breaking. Many surfers consider these gigantic swells almost impossible to ride, but not Hamilton! After all, if she can give birth to a baby, what’s a 40-foot wave, right?

Check out the amazing video of Bethany tow surfing this beast. She’s truly one of my favorite athletes, and I love how she’s not ashamed to share her testimony and love of Christ in all she does, too!

Congrats Bethany! We can’t wait to see what’s next! Another baby, maybe?!?! 🙂

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