Orlando Victim Eddie Justice’s Last Texts to His Mom Will Break Your Heart Wide Open

Yesterday’s tragic shooting at the LGBT night club Pulse in Orlando continues to weigh heavily on my heart. I held my own children tighter last night as I fretted about what kind of world they will grow up in. I shed tears as I read the story of one mom, Mina Justice, who received frantic texts from her son, Eddie Justice, who was at Pulse when the gunman came in.

At 2:06 a.m. he began texting his mom, first saying, “Mommy I love you”. He then told his mom he was at a club and “they shooting,” asking her to call police. A long 33 minutes later, more texts start coming in. “He’s coming,” then…”I’m gonna die.”

Can you IMAGINE the horror this mom faced? My heart is beating out of control just thinking about it, just writing this article. To be away from your child as he is facing death, and to not be able to help at all? It is shattering.

Mina Justice AP

The next text Mina Justice got said “‘He has us, and he’s in here with us,'” she told The Associated Press. “That was the last conversation.”

Hours later, Eddie Justice was confirmed to be among the dead.

Eddie Justice
Eddie Justice. Photo: Facebook

Mamas, let us surround Mina Justice and the 49 other mothers like her with SO much prayer. Prayer and love. My heart is broken open wide for her.

And let us teach our own children that LOVE, not hate, is the way to interact with people we disagree with. And that ALL life is precious to God.

Ms. Justice, you are in my prayers. From one mom to another, I MOURN your precious son with you.

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