Parents Turn to Social Media After Police Refuse to Arrest the Babysitter Who Hit Their Child


A Sherwood, Oregon couple is using social media to spread the word about what they see as a faulty law, preventing their son’s abuser from being arrested or prosecuted for child abuse. Alicia Quinney and Joshua Marbury’s nightmare began 2 months ago when they returned from a night out to hear their one-year-old son Jacob screaming. They had left Jacob and his older sister with a trusted family friend as a babysitter. Upon arriving home, they discovered the babysitter was asleep, their older child on the couch next to him. Little Jacob was alone in his room, and hysterical.

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Joshua Marbury on Facebook

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Joshua Marbury on Facebook


They were angry and sent the sitter on his way, but in the morning, they were horrified when Jacob awoke with a black eye and a handprint bruise on his face. They rushed him to the hospital, where they were told a blow strong enough to leave that kind of mark could have killed him. The parents immediately filed a police report.

And yet? Jacob’s abuser remains a free man. Marbury and Quinney said the prosecutor on the case told them there isn’t currently enough evidence to bring charges against the suspect, and their local news station KPTV reports, “because Oregon laws require a prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt there substantial pain and serious physical injury to the child, and when there is no witness to the act and the child is too young to say he or she was in pain, the burden of proof is high.”

Since the parents posted these shocking photos of Jacob taken the day after the abuse, reaction has been overwhelming on Facebook. I pray that prosecutors and police do the RIGHT thing, and that Oregon law makers work to change the laws to make sure that the littlest abused children get JUSTICE! If they can’t speak up for themselves, we MUST speak up FOR them!

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