An Open Letter to the People Who Have Invested in My Kids

There is no greater gift to a parent than that of one who invests in your child.

Parenting is a hard gig. We certainly weren’t meant to do it alone, nor could we very successfully. You’ve heard the saying “it takes a village”, and if we’re lucky we’ve got a good one around us. Others who support and encourage our kids, point them in the right direction, and help them through the challenges of life.


We’ve been blessed with MANY who have come alongside our kids and helped them along the way. I’m tempted to list names here, but I could never list them all, and so….if you’ve helped our kids along, please know that this is for you.

To the ones who’ve encouraged our children along the way. You’ve noticed both their accomplishments and challenges, and offered your kind words.  You’ve lifted our kids up and encouraged their hearts. You’ve whispered truth to their hearts and reminded them that God has a plan for them. Thank you.

To the ones who have noticed our children’s struggles and come alongside them. To you I am forever grateful…you’ve offered words of affirmation, direction, belief, and instruction. You’ve poured into my kids in a way that means the most and picked them up when they were down. My heart is forever touched by your words and actions.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the ones who believed in my kids. Who pushed them when they needed it and told them they could do more. You saw their potential and asked them to give their best. You taught them to believe in themselves. Thank you.

To the ones who spent countless hours coaching my kids in their sports and activities. You gave tirelessly of yourseves, shared your skills and knowledge, and the love of your sport. You planned schedules, led practices, encouraged, taught, disciplined, and more. Your sacrifice is known, seen, and appreciated. Thank you.

To the teachers who taught my kids. I know personally what goes into this job. I know the mundane tasks behind the scenes – the hours spent preparing, the planning, the copying, grading, organizing, the meetings, and the conferencing. But most of all I know your heart for your students. The way you love them like your own. How you are looking forward to the end of the year, but are sad to see your students go. Thank you for the way you give of yourselves. For the way you’ve loved my babies and the love you put into your job. Thank you.

To the administrators and other school staff. Your role is so important in the success of our kids.  For your leadership, support, relationship with students, and the sharing of your gifts…thank you. 

To our school community at large. Thank you for making our return to our incredible school so easy. We’ve loved seeing old friends and making new ones. This school is new to our younger children, and the way you’ve welcomed them and included them touches this momma’s heart. I loved this school before, but have a new found love and appreciation for all that it is. For the Christian teaching, the amazing community, and the way our children are loved. Thank you.

To the grandparents and extended family.  Thank you for spending time with our children, for investing in your relationship. For providing opportunties, helping with childcare, lending a hand, cheering them on in their activities, and the other millions of ways you mean so much to us. Thank you.

To those who have come alongside us to give our children opportunities. Some of you have given amazing gifts to help us give our children things that we simply could not alone. Some of you we don’t even know. Please know that you are remembered and appreciated, and your gifts mean so muchThank you.

To the ones who are spiritual leaders to our children. You are youth pastors, children’s ministry leaders, teachers, small group leaders, mentors, and friends. We love you. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for pointing my children to Jesus. At the end of our time here on earth, there is not one thing that will matter except for whether or not we chose Jesus. For your part in leading my children to him…Thank you.

You are each playing a role in our children’s lives. You are teaching them things like teamwork, obedience, respect, and discipline. You are teaching them to write their alphabet, read a chapter book, do a research paper, and how to prepare for college. You are steeping them in lessons for life, and most importantly for their walk with Christ. You are mentoring them in a way that makes a difference.  This is an investment of the eternal kind. The kind my children won’t easily forget and will go with them for a lifetime. What you are doing matters. 

You are so appreciated and so loved. And for the rest of my days I will be grateful.

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Kathy Garrison
Kathy Garrison is a wife and momma to eight children, both by birth and adoption. She relies heavily on coffee,her girlfriends, and lots of grace to keep her sanity...not necessarily in that order. She writes about faith, family, adoption, and everyday life at